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Our Objectives:

To increase awareness and educate people about Biodynamic practices and philosophy as originally suggested by Rudolf Steiner in his eight Agricultural Lectures:

  • To organise field days, workshops and events for members and non members of the Association, to inform and encourage greater awareness of Biodynamic practices and principles
  • To organise in depth courses and study groups on Biodynamics for members of the Association.
  • To hold discussion groups and gatherings for members of the Association to encourage interaction and to share information and knowledge.
  • To make biodynamic preparations to sell to members of the Association
  • To promote Biodynamics to the wider community through events and activities.
  • To invite expert speakers to present and lecture to members on Biodynamics and related topics.
  • Included in the membership is the quarterly magazine "Four Seasons"

Biodynamic Agrictulture - Agriculture of the Future

RUDOLF STEINER (1861 - 1925) called his spiritual philosophy "anthroposophy", meaning "wisdom of the human being".

From his investigations Steiner provided suggestions for the renewal of many activities, including agriculture, education, medicine, economics, architecture, science, philosophy, religion and the arts.

Steiner gave the agricultural lectures in 1924, when industrial farming was on the rise and farmers approached him with their concerns about these new methods. With his lectures "biodynamic" farming was launched. This farming practice treats the Earth as a living, integrated organism. It is a complete ecological, self-nourishing system which is already successfully applied in large scale acreage farming on in the backyard in growing fruit, vegetables and healthy fodder.

Biodynamics is a holistic practice which includes cosmic and earthly influences, enhancing the microbial life in the soil. Healthy soil grows healthy plants and food, keeping animals and people healthy.

Membership Application 

As a member you will also receive 'The Four Seasons' our Quarterly Journal electronically (free via email).

All Biodynamic Preparations are for sale to members only.

Beginner's field days will be available to new members.

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Membership Fee: 

Renewal: $40

New Member: $50

Internet Banking:

Commonwealth Bank Yarra Glen

BSB: 063 856  ACC: 1010 3525

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Membership Fee:

Renewal: $40
New Member: $50

Internet Banking:

Commonwealth Bank Yarra Glen
BSB: 063 856 ACC: 1010 3525

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