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         Biodynamic Agriculture - The Agriculture of the Future

RUDOLF STEINER, an Austrian philosopher born in 1861, was the teacher and founder of the anthroposophical movement; Anthroposophy meaning the "wisdom of the human being".

Steiner's investigations provided suggestions for the renewal of many activities, including agriculture, education, medicine, economics, architecture, science, philosophy, religion and the arts.

In 1922/23 Rudolf Steiner was asked by a group of farmers for his advice about what could be done to reverse the decline of seed quality, to improve the nutritional quality of crops and decrease animal and plant diseases. This resulted in Steiner giving the eight Agricultural Lectures at the home of Count Keyserlingk in Koberwitz near Breslau (Germany) in 1924. When he gave these lectures, industrial farming was on the rise and organic methods were being replaced in the name of science. 

After these lectures, the Biodynamic Agricultural Method originated with the experimental circle, founded by scientists and farmers. They practised the new methods for treating the soil, manure and compost and especially the making of Horn Manure and Compost Preparations.

Biodynamic farming treats the Earth as a living, integrated organism. It is a holistic method taking into account the relationship of earth, soil and the cosmic forces. Nature is connected with these cosmic creating/shaping forces, enlivening the soil, plants and ultimately us, through the food we eat.